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This page containing a Thames Explorer photograph in our Boat section has been designed for schools and colleges, student and teachers as a free educational resource. This photo is ideal for use in school homework and school projects. Please see the copyright page and contact the Webmaster for Commercial Use of Images or use of this Thames Explorer photo on the Internet.

We would like to thank you for choosing this Photograph Site. We have more data for a Thames Explorer Image than any other photo web-site! Everything you want via the Internet in your own home! Use of your PC often , for any Picture under the stars! Experts return to this graphic site on a Thames Explorer Image - and non experts too! Photograph Websites should be enjoyable and fun - not frustrating! Try us out for the information you can't get from other Picture sites! We trust that you will find our Photo website's content unique. Kindly let us know if we could improve this Picture site further. How many books would be needed to equal this Photograph site? This photo website contains everything that is relevant to a Thames Explorer Image.


Free use of Thames Explorer image for schools

Free image use for schools, teachers and students to use in both project and course work. Each image on is protected under copyright however may be freely used by students and school children at schools, colleges and universities.


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Please refer to the index page for the terms and conditions of these images which will detail what they may be used for and what they may not be used for and fully out line the copyright restrictions on all images for both school and other uses.

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Free Thames Explorer Photo

Free Thames Explorer Photo